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Jewelweed soap, lotion, spray and other natural products


Welcome to the Nature Labs Store and Learning Center

Welcome to the Nature Labs Store and Learning Center

Nature Labs handcrafts and sells products that are as natural as possible.  Nature Labs focuses on jewelweed based products for easing the itch of poison ivy: We also commonly include honeybee derivatives (wax and honey) in some of the formulations such as lotions and salves.

Nature Labs maintains its own small apiary (beehives) and thus grows some of its own needed supply of bee’s wax and honey. 

The loss of bees is seen by many as a serious environmental concern.  A continued dramatic loss of bees from colony collapse disorder could result in the loss of $15 billion in fruit and vegetable crops annually and directly and negatively impact the diets of everyone in this country and around the world (Natural Resources Defense Council, 2008).

Nature Labs works in a small way to help alleviate this serious environmental threat by adopting and promoting sustainable beekeeping practices, supporting other local apiaries by purchasing from them rather than from a distant supplier and encouraging others to use sustainable practices.

Nature Labs uses top bar beehives.  Top bar hives are commonly seen as a more natural and thus more sustainable approach to beekeeping than traditional commercial methods.  Top bar hives are also believed to experience fewer problems with varroa mites, foulbrood and other pest and health issues that are common to beekeeping.  Top bar hives are less expensive than other methods, but it is not so commonly used by commercial beekeepers because the bees in these hives tend to create less honey and more wax (Chandler, 2009).  Fortunately for Nature Labs and the planet more wax and less honey is exactly what we need.

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After many years of providing natural products, for personal reasons we have decided to pursue other opportunities.   We wish to thank all of our customers for their purchases and kind feedback and loyalty over the years.

Nature Labs is now Closed.

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